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A Real Life Friend Request

I don’t know if you know this or not, but no one these days – and I mean NO ONE! – asks to be friends in real life, lol…

Facebook, Insta, sure. But in real life? In person? Nope.

But this is exactly what you did! And it shocked me as much as it delighted me! How refreshing to not only receive such an offer as they did in the olden days, but to also be deemed *worthy* enough to even be your friend in the first place? Until at least you get to know me 😉

So thank you for extending your hand and making such a nice guesture first off – quite literally (for anyone reading this, he physically gave me a note with his phone number on it! Lol…), but even more so, thank you for being brave enough to even *think* of this option. It’s not every day a straight male gives his phone number to another straight male (and one he barely knows at that!), but I am both humbled and honored, and very much looking forward to what else you have up your sleeves.

I accept your friend request!